June 16, 2011

Gnome stealing

Corporate terrorism by way of paint balls! A homicidal ex-girlfriend! The leader of the Gnome Liberation Front! All of these hard hitting stories coming up on this edition of Montucky Skies. Plus, Andy Rooney. Songs featured this week: 1) American Jesus (Strangers With a Western Grip), 2) Shitbox Anthem (Tongue Bath), 3) Barfly Girl (Tongue Bath), and 4) Big Mean Ted (The Throbbin Lovin Band).

June 12, 2011

The distinguished gentleman with a blueish hue

Is MTV's Teen Wolf as bad as we think? Will Zombie Jesus make mad bank? Is our musical guest really named Phil Samone? Did we like the new X-men movie and Thor? Can a candidate who permanently dies himself blue win a senate race? Yes, no, yes, yes and no. Songs featured this week are: 1) Drink My Dinner (Phil Samone), 2) Drink Myself into Oblivion (Tonight We Ride), 3) Unicorn (Biggie), and 4) Angeline (Bird's Mile Home).

June 4, 2011

Vegas is an expensive s#i+ hole

We exchange Las Vegas stories.  Songs featured this week: 1) Breakfast in Bed (We Push the Pussy Harder), 2) Pussy For a Price (The Throbbin Lovin Band), and 3) Gonzo Sun (Orphans of Oden).

June 1, 2011

Number One

Welcome to the first episode of Montucky Skies. We remember Bin Laden by discussing post 9/11 airport security.  Are Teen Wolf, and Red Dawn bound to be remade...and how awful will they will be? Songs featured this week are: 1) The Unicorn Speaks (WPPH), 2) Heaven Can Wait (Tonight We Ride), and 3) Desert Rose (Tongue Bath).