July 26, 2015

Summer re-run

Biggs is moving his recording studio...and residence.  Brandon just got back from camping.  Zac's in Butte.  This means a summer re-run.  So we go back fifty episodes to the dawn of the Not Safe For Network.  Aaron Donaldson was on this episode talking about maybe doing The Alien Movie Project and That's Debate-Able (spoiler alert...he totally did it).  Along the way we talk about strong female characters in fiction, discuss violence in war movies, and how CGI ruined a lot of movies.  Also, don't forget to check out the latest episode of AMP with Biggs guest starring.

July 20, 2015

Tales to Astonish

We review Ant Man, Inside Out, and Minions.  We also figure out the odds of a Black Widow or Wasp movie.  Who would voice the emotions in our heads?  How many Hitlers would withhold Gene Roddenberry's papers?  And finally we get a smoking hot Aunt May.

July 13, 2015

Straight to Crackle

Further Tusk stories.  Batman v. Superman, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, and Ash vs. The Evil Dead trailers are discussed.  Still. no one believes that John Snow is dead.  Brent Beardslee breaks down Ballers, The Brink, and Seven Days in Hell.  Joe Dirt 2 is still going straight to Crackle.  And we try to convince Brent to watch Parks and Rec, as well as Community.  Shooting the Show is coming back this Thursday.

July 6, 2015

State Of the Network Summit Part 2

All the podcasters of the NOT SAFE FOR netWORK unite for part two of our giant conversation.  To here part one, subscribe to We Had a Good Life and listen to the episode located here:  http://www.wehadagoodlife.com/state-of-the-network-summit-s-o-n-s-part-1/