September 23, 2013

I'm in New Hampshire and Junior's breakfast is cold

Our friends Allen Stanton and Brent Bearsdslee sit in.  We talk in depth about the last three episodes of Breaking Bad, and wildly speculate what will happen in the last episode.  Justin Bieber is not playing Robin.  We discuss Marvel comics from the 90’s to today.  We introduce a new game called Bulls#it, Believable, or Bada$$ to talk about the Emmys.  And Biggs reviews We’re the Millers.  Closing song is Another Soul by Kirk to Kahn.  Download the whole album for free at

September 9, 2013

Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in a STEEL CAGE!

We discuss Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko’s beef with Stan Lee.  Biggs remembers Sarah Silverman and Stephen Colbert’s epic bombings.  We explore Anna Gunn’s op-ed about why people hate Skylar in Breaking Bad.  We discuss some odds and ends of Stephen King.  We spend a few minutes on Ben Affleck playing Batman, as well as the rumor that Bryan Cranston will be Lex Luthor for six films.  And the show closes out with the Kirk To Kahn song:  Sentiment.  Find the entire album for free here.

September 2, 2013

Kirk To Kahn in the studio!

Kirk To Kahn visits the studio for an interview that gets to the core of what makes their band.  They break down their musical influences, Star Trek connection, as well as their unusual farming techniques.  The podcast ends with their new opus, Creation.