May 25, 2018

Get the Led out of the liquor cabinet

Jack Johnson's pardoned, Harvey Weinstein's charged, and Morgan Freeman's accused. News on TransformersThe Watchmen, a Boba Fett movie, Solo, and Disenchantment. Overboard and Deadpool 2 are reviewed. Live Aid without Queen. And Facebook groups that clog up feeds and are filled with d:ck$.

May 18, 2018

Look up to the skies and see

We talk about some cancelled, renewed, and upcoming shows. Deadpool 2 hopefully breaks new ground. Is Lando actually pansexual in Solo: A Star Wars Story? We find out who lived and died off screen in the MCU. Zombie Land 2 might have been confirmed. Is it Yanny, or Laurel? And Bohemian Rhapsody drops a trailer.

May 10, 2018

Recycled Bones

Karl Borneman sits in with Biggs and we discuss what defines a thriller, Patton Oswald's career, The Golden State killer, sexism and toxic masculinity in pop culture, recycled TV plots, The Flash, the MCU, and a lot more.

May 4, 2018

Infinity War review

Phase Two of the podcast. We review Ininity War with spoilers abound. Download Phase One to hear Marvel talk from the past that lead us to this point. And like the NOT SAFE FOR netWORK page on Facebook to check us out live, or on a self contained video. Ask us your questions when we do the show on video only next week at 11:30est / 10:30cst / 9:30mst / 8:30pst on Thursday, May 10th.

Super sized annual

Phase One of the podcast where we cull clips of us talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe from the history of the podcast in a celebration of the culmination of Marvel movies to this point. You'll get predictions (correct and incorrect), reviews (on point and meandering), and crazy rumors (paid off, and just plain dumb). Make sure to download Phase Two for a review on Infinity War.