October 26, 2011

D-bags come in all shapes and sizes

It's our Halloween edition.  Featuring ghosts, satanists, death seeking ravens, and Matthew Stafford injuries.  Subscribe, rate, and comment us on i-tunes.

October 18, 2011

Pink fairy wings and an adult diaper

Biggs's rises as he becomes a reality TV star.  Then it falls when I realize I'm three hundred pounds overweight and wearing a diaper.  We discuss the pitfalls of being obese and dressing as a superhero.  Brandon recounts his brush with the actual Unabomber.  Finally we argue about football way more than is healthy.

October 17, 2011

Al Davis and Vallhalla

One evil leaves (Al Davis) as another evil enters (The Human Centiped 2).  What a world.

October 6, 2011

Dog jaundice

We do the show in reverse: sports, music, television, comics. Ooooh...exciting. Who affected the Jets more, Sanchez or Mangold. Adrian explains why giving to charity is a D-bag move. I explain why the Fox Network threatening to cancel The Simpsons is also a D-bag move. Finally, for the finale, our final thoughts on the DC New 52.