February 23, 2016

2015 is the year of meh

Could we get to Mars if we set pornographers to the task?  There are multiple problems with the Oscars.  I Zombie, The Walking Dead, Vinyl, and You Me and the Apocalypse are reviewed.  Magazines are dying, and we can reap the benefits.  And Biggs has an old man moment with music.

February 17, 2016

No snake

Biggs is an extra on a Jimmy Kimmel sketch and gives the details on how it's done.  We talk about Deadpool (without spoiling anything), and decide whether this will start a trend of R rated superhero movies.  Finally, will Warner Brothers pull the plug on future DC movies if Dawn of Justice doesn't cross the one billion mark?

February 13, 2016

James Cameron's ocean exploration macguffin fun!

Biggs and Zac podcast in the same room together in beautiful Los Angeles.  They give an in depth review of the new Coen brothers film:  Hail Caesar.   A continuity hitch between The Force Awakens and one of the novels is explored.  Will any movie ever beat Avatar's all-time gross record?  And what did James Cameron really find on the ocean floor?

February 10, 2016

When you roll the dice on a homeless

Matt and Dub Campbell from the We Had a Good Life podcast sit and we discus:  Time Warner's potential buyout of Hulu.  Robots taking over the world.  Old music outselling new music.  Dub and Biggs at the Whiskey a Go Go.  Hoverounds and Disneyland.  Plus drugs, the new podcast Bonercast, a hydrant heist, and the Montana Club.

February 2, 2016

Star Wars canon

Adrian and Biggs discuss all of Marvel's Star Wars comics, and why they make the prequels watchable.  Adrian makes his case for why Obi-Wan is the greatest Jedi of all-time.  Dead Pool is coming out soon.  And we end discussing the Netflix Marvel series, as well as the DC CW series, and whether any of them will cross over with movies.