May 29, 2012

Every single one of us the devil inside

We review The Chernobyl Diaries,The Devil Inside, and A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.  We discuss how AIDS has effected us.  We talk a little more about the upcoming Queen biopic, new music in general, and the urrent cable situation.  Please go to Colin Corbett's fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus Hall 1867 N. Washington Helena MT from 2pm to 10pm.

May 22, 2012

The first rule of Fight Club is you don't spoil Fight Club

We discuss DC's decision to have their first gay character, and we guess who it could be.  We laugh at the Shat some more.  John Connor was found, and it wasn't the Terminator that made him disappear.  Biggs went to What to Expect When Expecting.  Brandon tells us about The Last Circus.  We tell what the difference between the short story of The Lawn Mower Man, and the movie.  Adrian tells us about his virtual reality expierience.  Zack's pissed off about the showrunner for Community being fired.  And how old is Alyssa Milano really?

May 15, 2012

Acid as a painkiller

Here's your topics for this week:  Is Batman Inc. racist?  A little more on Deadpool and The Killing Joke.   William Shatner's The Captains.  The legacy of Pulp Fiction.  Shortcomings of The Hunger Games.  LSD as a painkiller.  Another drunken Adrian story.  The best new comic, SagaThe Walking Dead show, trashy fun?  Way too in depth on Army of Darkness.  Colin Corbett's benefit A Cause to Give a Crap About June 2nd at 2201 Chestnut Street, Helena MT from 2pm to 10pm.  Featured song:  Desert Rose by Tongue Bath.

May 8, 2012

May 1, 2012

Stephen Hawking travels back in time to stop gigantic Floridian shrimp

Tales of the Olympia beer factory.  Stephen Hawkings theories on time travel.  We fondly remember Transformer, Voltron, and He-Man toys.  We discuss whether the Hulk and Deadpool will have future movies.  Giant shrimp invade Florida.  An idiot lets his exgirlfriend do dental work.  Finally, we talk of comics past as Free Comic Book Day approaches.