July 31, 2011

Breaking up weed on Cap's shield

Part two of two.  We talk football...because only pussesdon't talk about football.  You're not a puss, are you?  We break down Cap USA (copyright thing again).  Plus, our top 4 movies or shows that we used to like when we were younger, but now we can't stand.  Songs featured this week:  1) Singin' (Bird's Mile Home), and 2) Pooed My Pants (Max Hay).

July 30, 2011

Hello everclear, goodbye Amy

This is part one of two. As Gay Gary waits to find out if he's an uncle, we find out about his lineage, and what uncles are really up to. We teach you how to make a boat and sink with a minimal amount of style. Finally, we give recognize Amy Whinehouse.  Songs featured this week: 1) The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Me (Hurdles), 2) Sinking Ships (Animal Kingdom), and 3) Duke A #1 (Tonight We Ride).

July 18, 2011

Bury the duck, then turn it into Guiness

Bob Jester bought his bar twenty years ago. We crash his party and interview several Rodney Street locals. We learn how to bury a duck with sensitivity. Vegans are menaced by Guinness. We restore a wild chalupa to its natural habitat. We cower at the knowledge of what the hippies are really up to at Rainbow Fest. DonĂ¢t tell anyone, but it involves Vaseline. Songs featured this week are: Nothing Compares 2 U (Dub Campbell), and Beginning of the End (Tongue Bath).

July 13, 2011

Toes, and Pigeons, and wives, oh my!

We come back from sabbatical just to have our wives try to ruin our podcast. The Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James argument becomes Jordan vs. Hitler. Biggs feeds and eats California wildlife. Plus a toe is lost, while Phil Somoan is found. Songs featured this week are: 1) Hell on Earth III live at the Filling Station, 2) Let the Booze Do the Talking podcast version, 3) Prelude to Hell on Earth. All songs performed by Tonight We Ride.