June 29, 2015

Every color of the rainbow

Topics:  Some behind the scenes accounts of the upcoming SONS (State Of the Network Summit) podcast.  Does Family Ties hold up?  More on Cheers.  MTV Oddities.  Fangoria and Mad magazine.  Biggs has an idea for a Groo the Wanderer movie.  HBO shows of the past (Oz, Sex and the City, Dream On, The Sopranos, and the Larry Sanders Show).  Season three of Orange is the New Black.  The Supreme Courts ruling on gay marriage.  And Ant Man is loved by the critic.

June 22, 2015

Undead Mountain

Topics:  Who's the worst father in Game of Thrones  GOT season finale.  Finding cable.  Shane Black is making The Destoyer.  Best man speeches and bachelor parties.  Brandon watched Hot Tub Time Machine 2.  And of course we discuss the State Of the Network Summit (SONS!).

June 15, 2015

Sam Jackson, Sam Tarlly, and Sam Adams

We review Jurassic World, and compare it to Jurassic Park.  We rant about micro brews.  Zac receives a giant check, literally.  We figure out which Best Pictures have sequels.  Brandon was conducted by an Emmy winner.  Which awards would make the best weapons.  And we talk about last week's Game of Thrones.

June 9, 2015

Two hundred and seven point five

Zac called an emergency mini-episode so that we could talk about Kate Moss being thrown off an airplane.

June 8, 2015

Breaking through the third wall?

We take the show to the porch!  Topics:  Children faking affairs and the need for glasses.  Is Auto Tune OK?  Will Jurassic World be good?  Great YouTube mashups.  Classic Nintendo games.  The series finale of Community.  Last week's Game of Thrones.  And we close on thoughts of the first two games of the NBA Finals.  

June 1, 2015

I am the internet

Topics:  a quick word about the 2015 NBA playoffs.  More thoughts on the Not Safe for Network Summit Extravaganza and Mad Max, the Star Trek franchise, Community, and Silicon Valley.  Kung Fury is amazing.  Kim Jon Il kidnapped famous people and forced them to make movies.  Who scarier:  Bill Cosby or Bill O'Reilly?  George Miller's abandoned Justice League movie.  DC is still racist.