March 29, 2017

Eventually it'll land on ET

Comic news galore: Spider-Man Homecoming, Captain America returning(?), a Sony extended universe with Black and Silver Sable joining Venom, the Justice League, and Aaron Sorkin throws his cape into the ring. Plus Escape From New York gets a remake, Kong Skull Island gets a review, and we make a game out of #explain a film plot badly.

March 22, 2017

Keep your conspiracy simple

Dave Chapelle releases two specials. Iron Fist isn't so special. Cap calls it quits, while Venom steps up. World War Z may be directed by David Fincher. The Matrix gets another sequel. And we walk through the Flat Earth conspiracy, Lady Gaga is a murderer conspiracy, and George Michaels was sacrificed by the Illumanati conspiracy.

March 14, 2017

Five bumps before five

Dennis is packing up his Patton and leaving Sunny(?) SNL goes prime time. Game of Thrones goes down in flames. Wonder Woman gets a new trailer. Matthew Vaughn may direct Man of Steel. Logan had it's ending foreshadowed. And some nuggets on Thor: Ragnarok, Dave Chapelle, and Hunter S. Thompson.

March 7, 2017

Hanging up the claws

We try to figure out what happened to Richard Simmons. Then we have a lot of Alien Covenant and Deadpool 2 talk. Finally we give an in depth spoiler filled review of Logan (with plenty of warning to bail if you haven't seen it yet).

March 1, 2017

Game over, man. Game over

WTF Oscars? We lose Bill Paxton. Get Out and Crashing reviewed. Kong Skull Island drops another trailer. MST3K is coming closer. Patrick Stuart hangs up the wheel chair. Matt Reeves directs The Batman (for real), Nightwing gets a movie (for real), and the Myrna Loy Center puts on a lip synch challenge (fake singing for real).