November 24, 2014

Blackest (Thanksgiving) Night

Topics:  Black Friday's continued encroachment into Thanksgiving.  St. Vincent was seen by Biggs, but will not be reviewed...yet.  Zac and Brandon's wife have thoughts on the new Hunger Games movie.  The Walking Dead is discussed...and not spoiled in any way.  Better Call Saul is taking shape.  We thoroughly break down the format of cable television.  Finally, the internet sucks.  

November 17, 2014

Sophie's choice times three

Brandon reviews the new Pink Floyd album The Endless River.  We talk some Monty Python lore.  And Zac joins the end of the podcast to help Eric from Shooting the Show with a promise he will probably regret.

November 10, 2014

The NASCAR, WWE, and Taylor Swiftcast!

Yet another middle school party with no LSD.  Lewis and Clark County votes against mountains of cocaine.  Obama slams Michael Jordan.  Mark Wahlburg shows interest in One Last Job.  The Thin Men gets approved.  NASCAR, Hell in a Cell, AJ Lee vs. Paige, McFoley's Facebook ramblings, The Rock is a solid worker, and Venus Williams are discussed.  Taylor Swift just might be Hitler.  Nostradamus is full of crap.  Biggs is too old to have enough energy to go to Interstellar.  Brandon reviews Big Hero 6.  Biggs has a word with Stan Lee's caregiver.  And Zac is excited by Once Upon a Time.

November 3, 2014

Never respect the outro

Topics:  Marvel Phase Three.  Marvel events.  Captain Marvel and Black Panther movies.  The Civil War and Infinity Wars will be movies.  We review The Book of Life.  Plus some talk on American Horror Story season four, The Walking Dead Season Five, Grace Point, Gotham, The Flash, and our graphic novel book reports.